we use here the Vista versions 32 bit and 64 bit (business version).
On both we have (nearly) the same problem.

The problem under the 32 bit version is:

We can install the printer over the iPrint web site and the
installation process finished with success. But when we try to print,
e.g. a test print from the properties, we get the following massage:

"The printer driver are not installed. Do you want to install the
driver now?"

When we install the driver all look fine. But when we try to print a
test page we get the message:

"The test page could not be printed. Should be shown the printing
problem help page?"

Sometimes the message includes the error number 0x0000007a, or
0x0000007b, or 0x0000007c.

Here are the system facts from our environment:

NetWare 6.5 SP7
iPrint Client 5.04
Novell Client 1.0 with SP4

Under Windows XP and Windows 2000 we have no problems with iPrint.
.... anymore... ;o)=)

Have anybody a idea?

Thanks in advance for help!