I recently upgraded BorderManager 3.8 to 3.9. I first upgraded NW 6.5 to SP7 (with iManager 2.7) , then installed BorderManager 3.9. I went into iManager to look at the snapins and under the 'BorderManager' section I only had 'Legacy Filter Configuration'. This made sense since 3.9 did not have snapins for iManager 3.7.

I then installed 3.9 SP1 and rebooted. Went into iManager and still did not see anything else under BorderManager section. I went to available plugins and saw the NBM ACL, Firewall, Proxy and VPN Configuration modules. I installed these modules successfully then stopped and started Tomcat 5 then checked - still no modules other than Legacy Config under BorderManager. I rebooted but still no joy.

To confirm that the modules had installed correctly, I went back to iManager Configuration and looked at 'Installed' modules - The ones I had installed showed up here. I then went to 'Available Modules' the NBM modules no longer appear here which makes sense. So iManager thinks the modules are installed.

There are 2 'Collections' of role based services in this tree. I looked in both of them and can't find the above snapins other than the Legacy Filter config one.

What am I missing???