Hi - please pardon my ignorance. I have a 2 node NW 6.5 SP6 cluster, 1 node is abending (Novell is unable to figure out why) and I have decided to replace it. I have a new server built, with different hardware, different name and IP address. This server is connected the SAN, and can see all devices. I want to remove the 1st node from the cluster, and replace it with the new node. I found instructions on how to remove a node, but still have a couple of questions:

cluster leave
delete the cluster node object
unplug HBA's

This will leave me with a 1 node cluster. Will this work or will CS complain? Can I then just run nwdeploy to add the new node? Do I have to delete/recreate the SBD? Are there any steps I am missing? This is my production tree so I need to make sure I get it right.

Thank you very much in advance!!