I'm seeing the following error in boot.msg on each OES2 Linux node in a 3-node cluster:

Starting EVMSEngine: The plug-in Novell-NCS in module /lib/evms/2.5.5/ncs-1.0.0.so failed to load. The plug-in's setup_evms_plugin() function failed with error code 13: Permission denied.

A search on the message text in the knowledgebase gives a fairly "close" hit, but with error code 1 (TID 3665444)... but that is for cases where the cluster is "mixed" (not the case for me). Any idea why the plugin would fail to initialize with "permission denied?"

The reason I'm concerned: one of the nodes started crashing yesterday whenever I try to move a cluster resource to it. Looks like a probable kernel panic (nothing logged in any log files, I don't see anything on the console screen, it just reboots). I'm now wondering if I've been "living on the edge" due to EVMS not having the proper support enabled for NCS, so I'd like to see if I can resolve the problem shown in the boot message and see if this "fixes" the problem. (The EVMS engine logs on the failing node also have several messages stating: Engine: engine_nodeid_to_string: The Engine is not running in a clustered environment.)

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Garrett Lanzy, Network Systems Administrator
Metropolitan State University (St. Paul, MN)