Ever since our PC's updated to 10.0.3, after a restart each PC now gets an
error that says:

Win32 Colloector encountered a problem and needed to close.

I saw a coupel TIDs on this, and they said it was a problem with 10.0.1 and
was fixed in 10.0.2. Well, did it get broken again in 10.0.3? Major
problems with all my PC's. None of them show up as 10.0.3 in ZCC unless we
go out and unregister them, which we have to do manually, and then
re-register them to the Zone. Then it shows they are 10.0.3 in the ZCC
pages as well as the client. Why is this product so broken now? Zen 7 was
just about as good as it was finally gonna get, and then this mess. It's
been nothing but problems since install. I don't see how Novell has
"Customer Stories" that are good and they are willing to share them.
Everyone else I talked to is wishing Zen never changed. Some fix this, and
fix it now.
Also, this slowness that was supposed to be fixed in 10.0.3, got worse, not
better. WHY? When is 10.1 coming out? And, will it be another band-aid
that creates more problems than it fixes or will it actually be the solution
to our problems? Answers to any of these would be great, especially the
first one. Thanks.


Matthew Pierce
Lead MicroComputer/Lan Administrator
Infomation Management Service - Physical Plant

Texas A&M University

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