Two Problems one regarding zenworks agent and the other regarding the NALWIN

1. Having problems with an image that uses sysprep and the agent is already installed just not registered. When deploying image on a new machine, everything seems to work fine. The name of the machine shows fine but it never registers. If I go to c:\program files\novell\zenworks\bin\preboot\ziswin it shows the old computer name. When the image was created I cleared the registry entries associated with workstation name under HKLM_software_Microsoft_Novell_zenworks_Agent. I also clear the ziswin before image. I take the image before the computer reboots. Not sure why this is happening. Is anyone else having this issue.

2. Having a problem where I login as a user on a machine that the zenagent was installed on. The zen window launches but it is blank. No application objects show up. Also the menu items (file, edit, view,help, etc) are not accessible. If you select any of the menu options the drop down shows a - instead of the options.