BM 3.8
NW 6.5
GW 7.03

External Webaccess quit working. Browser appears to time out trying to connect. Internally, Webaccess is working fine. External access has been working fine for about 3 years.

Public IP for Webaccess is NAT'd to private Groupwise/Webaccess Netware server IP.

Public MX record for Internet mail uses same Public IP and Groupwise Internet mail is working fine both in and out.

No upgrades have been recently installed.

NAT set to dynamic and static.

Turned filters off and still does not work. I deleted and reinstalled the static mapping to the Webaccess joy. "Enforce Access Rules" is unchecked for testing and Transparent Proxy is off.

So, it appears that NAT is working because we are receiving inbound Internet mail. Webaccess, using the same public IP and NAT table should also be working but is NOT.

Any thoughts on what else I may check would be appreciated.