Using ZfD 7 SP1 IR1 HP2 for the desktop agent.

We use the NAL Exploder (I mean Explorer)

We've (meaning me) have recently been tasked to test with power saving
options for the pc's.

On Windows 2000 (yeah, I know), if I tell the workstation to hibernate
after 45 minutes, I get a 100% "failure" with the NAL to return to
Online Mode after resuming the hibernate.

In other words:

1) Power on workstation and login. NAL is in online mode. After 10
minutes, the workstation "locks" with screen saver and can be unlocked
by entering your eDir credentials. After 45 minutes, workstation

2) Upon resuming hibernate, I have to unlock the workstation via eDir.
I'm still attached to my eDir and NetWare servers and file, etc. is just
fine. But NAL is in "offline" mode. I can manually resume online mode,
but it won't do it automatically. It does this 100% of the time.

Now, if I enable Standby mode, then I get a little better success.
Probably 75% of the time, on resuming standby, the NAL is in online
mode, but it seems that if it sits standby mode for "too long" then NAL
is in offline mode.

Is there any way to address this? I thought that the NAL would detect a
re-connection go eDir and switch to online mode, but not sure.