I am in my second OES install (using OES2 this time). The first time I never figured out how to do volumes/partitions correctly, so my first server has a single 350 GB sys volume. I am using two guides to hopefully show me the way this time, but I am still confused and as I am installing 4 new servers this summer, I would like to get it right so that sys is not the entire server. Anyhow I am using NetWare to OES2 Linux Migration Guide | Novell User Communities as a guide to show me how. In step 8, it shows to create the system volume and use the remaining space available. I basically did something to that effect last time and ended up with the 350GB sys volume. I know this is just a guide, but what I want to essentially do is end up with a 12 GB sys volume, 150GB for VOL1, 150GB for VOL2, and the rest for later when I need it.

When I currently look at my EVMS Configuration screen, I have:
/dev/evms/lvm2/system/swap 2.0GB F swap C
/dev/evms/lvm2/system/sys 12.0gb F / C

I have gone no further so I can still make changes. Am I right to only use 12GB on this screen. Or do I need to use the whole volume like it says and then do things later on to make that sys volume split into sys, vol1 and vol2. At the top it says I have 320 GB free.

I am setting this up to replace a netware 6 server in a school setting. NSS and other formats, I do not know enough about to know what is best. I am simply looking for advice on how to procede to get this back to be very similar to what I have with Netware 6. I know there will be changes and such, but I really need to separate students from faculty and staff and volumes help with that.

Thanks in advance,
David Ralph