We have a 2 node Novell Cluster with 2 x IBM x346 servers connected to IBM
FastT600 SAN. We have a 3rd node to add to the cluster, an IBM x3650. On
loading Cluster Services on the 3rd node the performance of the data volumes
hosted on the other 2 nodes in the cluster slows right down. When we unload
cluster services on this 3rd node the speed of the data volumes returns to

All servers are running Netware 6.5 SP7 with Cluster Services Version

The 2 x IBM x346 servers each have 2 x Qlogic QLA2340's. The IBM x3650 has
2 x Qlogic QLE2460's. All 3 servers are running the QLogic QL2X00 HAM
driver - version 6.90.15. All 3 servers connect to the FastT600 via 2 x IBM
3534-F08 SAN Fibre Channel Switches.

Does anyone have any idea as to what might be causing the slow down in
performance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.