Hi I am not sure if this is the correct forum for this.

We have an NW6.5 server that several incorrect shutdowns (related top power)
but always restarted fine. However one day for no apparent reason when it
restarted it stopped and asks for ESC to terminate or other key to
continue. When continue is selected we are prompted to load each stage/nlm
and when we do the server starts OK. This is now the case every time the
server is restarted. It is like it is stuck in a ground hog day debugging
kind of mode.

The sequence of nlm load immediately prior to being prompted for ESC to
terminate or any other key to continue message is

CPUCHECK.NLM loaded from nwserver
DIAG500.NLM loaded from nwserver

Then we have accept each query on loading each nlm etc

Any ideas on how do we resolve this?