I'm putting this out to the forum with the hopes of some resolution. I
had a call opened with Novell for 6 months, their support on Messaging was
useless. The result was they were going to update their documentation.
This is driving me insane.

EXT3 and NSS

Messenger 2.0.3

Software install in default location.
Archive repository on a NSS volume.

Issue: No matter what I search on I get zero records found.

I have logging turned on to Diagnostic mode. This is the error.
10:19:17 BA0 TCP Dispatched message for connection #0
10:19:17 BA0 APL Request (Get Archive Search Results) [0x0000]:CN=kwhite,OU=INFORMATION SYSTEMS,OU=USERS,OU=CAMPUS,O=HCH

I have deleted the Archive to start over and ran all of the manual
indexing utilites the log files show that all completes.