My ZCM 10.0.3 primary server is having an issue with it's agent. All workstation agents are working fine, just the one on the server.


1) It doesn't login or offer a login box/login option on Zicon context menu
2) It doesn't upload status or inventory to the ZCM server (itself)

Examining the zmd-messages.log, after increasing the log level, shows ConnectMan trying to connect to the local instance (via localhost or it's IP address) then trying DNS for itself, then DNS for each of the other ZCM servers in the zone, marking each one BAD as it goes.

I've checked the certificates and they are correct, the local cert store for the server trusts the zone CA.
zac zl returns two zone servers, localhost and

The server responds properly via the ZCC, which can be opened without error from the desktop of the server. Further, the agent is active and can be given commands via the ZCC, but it cannot upload or communicate back to itself for any reason.

The missing login boxes appear to be due to the agent somehow deciding that there are no user sources, so it hides them.

I'm thinking reinstalling the agent is probably a good plan, but I'm loath to do that if it messes up the server at all.

Ideas or thoughts?