We are reconfiguring our SAN in preparation for a migration from NW65SP7 cluster to OES2LX...
As part of this we are consolidating our multi partition luns, recreating a lun per partition, etc. etc.

After moving our resources from FC to ATA (to allow us to expand and re-carve LUNs into our FC RAID) we were finally ready to unbind the FC LUNs and destroy the RAID group, so that we can recreate nice and tidy...!

Therefore took the cluster and all nodes down. Unbound LUNs and Destroyed RAID, created new dedicated LUN (#33 in ATA) for NetWare SBD, with intention of leaving LUN 0 for the soon to be created OES2LX cluster...

However, the NetWare nodes were taking AGES whilst 'Scanning for Devices and Partitions'. Not only that, but when up we were see 4 x DCG LUNZ 'ghost' luns....

This all appears to be to do with LUN 0....
Apparently NetWare like to see LUN 0....
Therefore QLogic have a parameter for the HAM /LUNZERO, which tells netware there is one there, even if there isn't.
Also, apparently the DGC LUNZ is something EMC provide on their Clariions to 'help' with this situation??

Anyhow, very confused and frustrated by the endless scans, we decided to create a temp. LUN 0 and give it back to the storage group for the NetWare servers.
After this 3 of the 4 nodes came up very quickly, one is still taking approx 15mins....Also, no more DGC LUNZ!!

We recreated the SBD in the aforementioned LUN 33 (leaving 0 empty, so we can hopefull re-assign the LUN to the new OES2LX Storage Group...) However, I'm sure that when we remove the LUN 0 we'll end up with endless scans again....(and the DGC LUNZ ;-)

Anybody have experience of this and can offer some reasoning and advice?!?

SAN: CX500 (Flare v24); QLOGIC 2340 fw: 1.54; NW65SP7 QL2X00.HAM 7.01 POWPATH.CDM 3.0.6