Hi there,

I have a little Prolem managing a Satellite Server. First of all here's my Environment:

I'm using a SLES 10 SP2 as OS with ZCM 10.0.3 installed on it.
The server's location is the central DMZ of my Test-Environment of my fictive Company.

There are several further Subnets, representing external locations of my fictive Company. In each Subnet there is a Windows XP-Client with the ZCM-Agent installed on it. The devices are listed correctly in the "Devices"-Section.

Now I want to make my Windows-Clients a Satellite-Server.

In the Admin-Guide there is a detailed description of how to handle it. The doc says, I have to check my "server", click on "Action" and chose "Add Satellite Server"...but hey...there is no entry saying "Add Satellite Server".

The only options are:

-Specify Content...
-Edit Content Replication Schedule (greyed out)
-Edit Inventory Rollup Schedule (greyed out)
-Edit Message Rollup Schedule (greyed out)
-Edit Status Rollup Schedule (greyed out)
-New Content Distribution Point
-Delete Content Distribution Point (greyed out)
-Edit Port... (greyed out)
-Delete ZENworks Server (greyed out)

That's all - not even a "greyed out" option dealing with Satellite Servers.

Please let me know how I can add a satellite server to my Server.

Thanks in advance

Patrick Betschner