Hi again,

I getting a little bit screwed, trying to install bundles before(!) a user logs on.

I did not find a thread using the search-option. So I am starting a new one.

I never worked with ZENworks 7 - I only took a look on the functions and recognized what it can "do". So...there was an option when deploying a software-bundle to a Windows XP machine, saying "force" installation.
The bundle was installed before a user logged on, using the System-Role.

When the user logged on, the software was installed - that seemed to be great for automatic installation.

Now, in ZCM 10.0.3 (and earlier versions), I can't find an option or even a hint, how to force the Bundle-Installation before logging on to the Windows XP machine.

I will have to install a class-room with about 15 PCs in it. So - I want to deploy the image of XP (hardware-independed Image), then I want to deploy the ZCM agent (is there a better way than deploying via Server - for example via an MSI-package which is started the first time the machine starts, or preinstall and unregister it, so that I just have to register it the first time the machine boots). And then, there have to be installed several MSI-packages before(!) someone logs on for the first time.

I am very thankful for any hints

Thanks in advance

Patrick Betschner