I have two ZCM 10.0.3 Server (all Windows Server 2003) in the company on two
I have the first server installed and placed in the main office, and after
that, the second server installed in the same management zone.
The second server is now in a small office with a 2Mbit (~T1) WAN
Now I have shutdown the first installed primary server. Now I have the
problem, that the clients in the second site wait minutes at the pxe-prompt,
and the complete ZCM environment is not working (slow login, no
installation, no icons, ...). Login to the management interface not working
(... no connection to the database... ).

As I understand the documentation with all the automatic transfer of
applications and the distribution points, the servers on the small sites
should hold a replica of the database or chache information from it.

Is it true, that all servers and all clients communicates with the database
from the first installed server?
If yes, what ist the best way for my environment?

The problem is, if the WAN-Line is broken, I see a lot of problems in the