got a big problem. our 2 t-1 internet service is down, and has been for several days. ISP is giving the run-around...nothing we can do but wait.

meanwhile, in our office space, we have a verizon dsl service that services 4 or 5 users that sub-lease space from us. They call it "business dsl", but its similar to what you might have at home, with a little linksys router that does a ppoe login through the dsl line...verizon assigns one public ip to that, and then it does NAT/dhcp, etc to any other computers that plug into it on a private ip range.
fine for a handfull of pc's...

Is there any way I can attach my BM3.8 server to it...without having a fixed public ip address, and being behind another nat router? I just need to get the mail flowing...which comes from a spam filtering service, so there wouldn't be any dns issues that I can think of. (the spam filtering service is listed as our mx record in mail is queuing up there; If I could call them and tell them our "new" ip address, and set up the little linksys box to port-map to the public ip address of the bm server, it should work...yes?).

Our internal lan is set up to use 192.168.1.x. I can configure the linksys box to make its "private" address range something different, like 192.168.2.x...then change BM's public interface to an address on that range, change the default gateway numbers and so forth...and it should work?
or would it?

What else would I need to do?

desperate, here. now on day three of the outage, and I've gotta get mail working. don't care about web access, for now. I know it'd be slow, at best...I just need "something" until verizon fixes the t-lines, and we have absolutely NO indication of how long it'll take. they'll fix it when they fix it.