I am currently evaluating ZCM and have limited experience with certificates. ZCM 10.0.3 loaded on a Windows 2003 Server using an internal certificate. The certificate is installed on the Windows 2003 Server as a Trusted Root CA and named zcmuca.uca.edu. The certificate subject is...

CN = zcmuca.uca.edu
OU = ZENworks
O = Internal Certificate Authority

When I ping from the workstation, using PING -A, it resolves to ZCMUCA. Our DNS A record is setup explicitly as zcmuca.uca.edu.

I am able to discover and register workstation, remote control works fine, but the users cannot login to the Zone. I have a user source setup pointing eDirectory 8.8 for a tree called DIELMANN.

What is strange is that when I install the Adaptive Agent, and it reboots, the users can login only that first time. It is the subsequent logins that do not work.

I have attached a text file that contains a combination of the ZENLGN.LOG, ZISD.LOG, ZENNOTIFY.LOG, and the CASAAUTHTOKEN.LOG.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Phil Arnold