Hi everyone,
I need to install GW 7.0.3 client on about 300 computers that have an older GW 6.5.3 client on them. I have created a NAL object to do this with the GW msi package. However, I have 3 issues:

1-I set up scheduling to run for a department for a certain day and time (evening), and set up a launch time of every 5 minutes. It appears that only the FIRST computer launches it and then the NAL object stops distributing the application!

2-The install does NOT remove the old GW shortcut on the desktop. What is the best/easiest way to get rid of the old icon.

3-The new GW client desktop shortcut is only installed for the current user. It does not go into the all users profile under documents and settings. I need for all users to get the shortcut. (Will associating it with the workstation and not the user, solve this?)

Thanks in advance!