I had a requirement to get my NW65SP6 server to display a custom page when http://myserveripaddress was browsed

So a little while ago I replaced the file SYS:\adminsrv\webapps\welcome\index.html with my own custom page of the same name
This worked just fine, and when browsing http://myserveripaddress from both inside on the LAN and outside on the WAN, my custom page was displayed
The browser indicated it was displaying the page http://myserverip/welcome/index.html

Yippee, but then later I applied SP7

Now when I browse http://myserveripaddress although the browser bar still says it's displaying the same page http://myserverip/welcome/index.html the page actually being displayed is the standard Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 home page and not my custom page
I naturally assumed that my custom page had been overwritten by applying the service pack 7
However when I use Windows Explorer and double click on SYS:\adminsrv\webapps\welcome\index.html it still launches my custom page, which it turns out has not been replaced with SP7

OK my original custom index.html page is still there, so it must be displaying another index.html page
I've hunted high and low on SYS: for another index.html page and there quite simply isn't one !

Anyone have an idea what's happening and how I can get my custom page to be displayed again ?