I have a few servers I installed from FTP source. Now when I try to
upgrade their ZLM agents to HP5 I get the following error:

tcit1:~ # rug up ZLM72IR1-Hot-Patch -y
Resolving Dependencies...

ERROR: Dependency resolution failed:
Unresolved dependencies:
Updating yast2-registration-2.13.12-0.10.noarch[System packages] to yast2-registration-2.13.22-0.3.noarch[ZLM72IR1-Hot-Patch]There are no installable providers of perl-TimeDate for yast2-registration-2.13.22-0.3.noarch[ZLM72IR1-Hot-Patch]

I tried adding the original ftp install site as a installation source in
Yast but that didn't seem to fix the problem. So far I have two servers
like this, these are SLES10SP1 machines if that makes any difference. One
is a VM and one is a physical machine. I am probably missing something
obvious but if anyone can throw me a bone I'd appreciate it.