Problem starts about a week ago. On the windows XP workstation as soon as I login computer restarts with no error message. I tried to login in safe mode and still no luck. I did a repair from XP cd (rollback to SP1) and I can login with no problem. After installing all the windows updates I reinstall the Novell client and same story all over again.
I check the RAM, hard drive, network cable, networking car andÖ. No luck. So I finally built a new system from scratch. I MEAN EVERYTHING IS NEW! (Even the case)
After installing Novel client same thing happens (I even try different version of Novell client). As soon as I login (or if I wait for few seconds) the system reboots itself with no error message. I took out the hard drive and did a complete virus/spyware scan on it on a different system (In case there is a virus on a server or something)
The odd thing is before I install all XP updates system works fine (in one of my many formats I try this but before installing SP2)
Any idea? I am inch away from hanging myself