Hi everyone,

I have three Netware 6.5 SP5 servers that I am backing up with Arcserve 11.5 and the Netware 11.1SP1 agent. All the servers have about 120 GB of data.

My backup speeds are in the 250 Megs/minute range and this is seems ridiculously slow. Trying to back up Windows 2003 servers to the same backup server is giving me over 1000 Megs/minute.

- The network is gig copper and the interfaces are all showing 1000 full
- I have tried Arcserve 11.5 and 12 on two different Arcserve servers with LTO2, 3 and 4 drives.
-I used the parameters in TID 3341011 to tune the file system.
- TSAtest gives me effective speed of 1370
- We typically just shut GroupWise down to back it up, so GW isn't bogging down the systems. These boxes are for GroupWise only with no file system I/O other than the backup.

Thanks for any suggestions