Hi, we are trying to get to 10.0.3 and had a few questions.

- Can we go from 10.0.1 to 10.0.3 directly or do we need to be on 10.0.2
- Does the ZCM server get updated through the System Updates the same as
workstations ect such as placing the ZCM server in a staging group?

Some things along our pathway I should let you know about.

- Bundling showed at 100%
- Originally the ZCC showed the 10.0.2 update which we have successfully
pushed to some test workstations but I cleared that whether right or wrong
to see if I could correct the greyed out issue following.
- Rebooted the server to try correcting the greyed out issue before clearing
the 10.0.2 update
- The "Set Update to Authorized" is greyed/grayed out so I cannot seem to
set that. Only the clear update seems to be available.

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