Sorry for the elementary nature of these questions - I've been doing lots of reading but there are still a few things that aren't quite clear to me.

I work in a school (~1500 users), and currently we are a full Netware environment with edirectory 8.7 - no Linux servers in the tree. As Netware is deprecated we're looking to migrate. We looked at moving to a full Active Directory setup but decided there would be little benefit in doing so, and have decided to move to SLES (I'm a Linux enthusiast so you can probably guess which way I wanted to go).

My understanding is that OES2 installs edirectory 8.8 by default, however we need to retain at least one edirectory 8.7 server for Zenworks 7. We will migrate to ZCM eventually, but Zen 7 will stay in use for at least the next 12-18 months.

Firstly - can we run a single edirectory tree with some replicas on 8.8 and some on 8.7? Will they still synchronise? (NZ/UK spelling :-)

Even if so, is this recommended? Or should we plan to upgrade completely to 8.8 and run a separate edir 8.7 tree, sync'd via Identity Manager? At first look this would appear to make the migration process considerably more complex, as we would like to move the servers one at a time. But on the other hand it allows us to start with a fresh 8.8 tree and not inherit all the legacy objects scattered around the place - this tree is 10 years old.

A third option would be to retain edirectory 8.7 on the new SLES servers, but I don't favour that approach, as it's only Zenworks 7 holding us back, and at some point 8.7 has to be deprecated as well.

Thanks in advance for any responses.