I have a OES1 Linux 2-node cluster that needs to be moved to a new SAN. Right now the iPrint service is running on it.

I haven't managed to find any TID describing the steps to take when doing such a migration. I've got an idea on how it can be done. Want to throw it out here to see if I'm missing anything that's going to leave me hosed.

  1. Backup the data from the mounted iprint SAN partition
  2. Shutdown services and remove the following from the boot sequence
    • NCS
    • NSS
    • multipathd
    • iPrint Manager
    • iPrint Driver Store
  3. Shutdown the servers and move to new location
  4. Boot up servers and check for SAN path - add multipathd to the boot-up sequence
  5. Enable EVMS to manage the shared partition
  6. Mount the iprint partition and copy backup data to it
  7. Enable the NCS & NSS services and add to boot-up sequence
  8. Start the iprint resource (& services)

Finally, for iprint, can I simply copy the data in the iprint SAN partition and copy it to the new partition and expect iprint to work as per normal?