Hi all,

we have a problem where according to the iprint client a printer (colour-4700.printers.hamilton.niwa) is installed, but it is not listed in Start->Settings->Printers and Faxes.

Some history:
When does it happen? To PCs freshly imaged. Unsure when this started, but older PCs are fine and still have the colour-4700 listed (and can print to it).

- Those older PCs used the same zenworks image that these newer PCs are using.
- They are also all on the same iprint client version (4.34) - a zenapp sorts that out

iprntcmd.exe -l
displays the colour-4700 as installed. If you do
iprntcmd.exe -d ipp://NIWA-HAM/ipp/colour-4700
you get:
Printer ipp://NIWA-HAM/ipp/colour-4700 has been removed.
but if you do a list again:
iprntcmd -l
the colour-4700 is still listed as installed. *sigh*

The printer is installed via a workstation policy at login (along with all the other printers). If you browse to the ipp printer install page (http://niwa-ham/ipp) and click on the printer it says "The printer is already installed"

Any help much appreciated!!