We are doing our NW65SP7-backups with HP Data Protector.

In our backup log there are many faults like this one:

[Minor] From: HPVBDA@zenwsimport "SYS:" Time: 26.05.2008 21:00:15
File (SYS:/SYSTEM/.....)
TSA: Unable to set file information.

In debug.log HP-Support found the following information concerning our call:

Mon May 26, 2008 21:13:55 HPVBDA.1514.0 ["da/bda/nwsys.c /main/blr_dp56/1":287] A.06.00 bDPWIN_00352
ERROR: NWSMTSSetArchiveStatus(SYS:/tomcat/4/webapps/nps.656/WEB-INF/lib/eMFrame.jar) (CCODE = fffdffbd)

Information from HP Support staff:

The files are backed up!
This is coming from the TSA not from Data Protector.
The customer will need to contact Novell support.
Use COWor Open File Manager, your file is open with a deny write.
NSS /FileCopyOnWrite
CopyOnWrite = COW

Novell asked HP for certification purposesus to change the flag for each file we backup for the archive bit.
(We don't use Archive bit )
But your customer has the file open by an application wich operned the file with Deny Writes only.
This is by design so.

But the data is backuped up.Only archive bit is not reset.
(And main thing is, not a DP problem as this is the tsafs that is failling.)"

This problem only exists on a few servers and not with all of them which all have the same versions.

Should I change the suggested settings and what will be the results?
NSS /FileCopyOnWrite
CopyOnWrite = COW

We are using
TSAFS 6.52.08 2007-08-14
TSANDS 10551.71 2005-07-19

Are there new versions available and recommended?

Thanks in advance,