We are doing our NW65SP7-backups with HP Data Protector.

Doing restore tests on a single NSS-volume we receive thousands of errors like this:

[Major] From: HPVRDA@zenwsimport "zenwsimport [/GWF3]" Time: 03.06.2008 14:15:43
TSA: An internal TSA error occurred.

[Major] From: HPVRDA@zenwsimport "zenwsimport [/GWF3]" Time: 03.06.2008 14:15:43
Cannot write: ([1] no such file or directory) => not restored.

We have checked a few of the mentioned files and all of them have been restored but we are not convinced that it is really working. Besides we have to get rid of this problem (these messages) because otherwise we cannot control our log files.

We are using
TSAFS 6.52.08 2007-08-14
TSANDS 10551.71 2005-07-19
Are there new versions available and recommended?

Any further ideas?

Thanks in advance,