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Apologies if this has been asked before (I couldn't find the specific scenario and I've heard different suggestions recently), but I'm looking to get your opinions on the below.

Migrating from 2 x NW 6.5 servers (old) to 2 x Linux/OES2 servers (new). Same tree, identical setup (except the new environment is OES2). There are NSS drives attached via SAN to the old hardware, and these could be mirrored at the SAN level onto the new SAN and presented to the new OES2 servers. However it's my understanding that we cannot do this - we need to physically create new NSS/SAN drives with OES2, and use the migration tools to migrate files over the network to the new OES2 servers.

Is this true? Is this the only supported migration path by Novell for this scenario?

My confusion comes from the fact that you can join Linux/OES2 nodes to an existing NW cluster with NSS drives and presumably have them fail over OK from NW->OES2; so could we not do something similar for the scenario above, and then just remove the old NW machines from the cluster?

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