We're testing NSM in a school enviroment and have some questions. We have a server on every school (location) and a ou (that is a partition) for each school. Centralized we have a NSM Engine server and a Event server. This server has rw replicas of every school partition.

  1. As we understand it reading the doc it is best practice to have Sentinel running on every school server (these servers is hosting homedirectorys). Is this correct? Should we also install the Event server on the schoolservers?
  2. We have a IDM meta directory that instead of moving users when they change schools deletes the user for one school and recreate the user at the new school. What happens then is that NSM is vaulting the users homedir and creates a new empty homedir on the new school. As we understand it this should be solved with the Global Reconnect functionality?

Frode Sjovatsen