Hi Guys,

I've seen a couple of other threads on this subject but neither seem to provide a solution. Now I have the same problem so if anyone can help I would appreciate it.

I have been running Arcserve 5.1 on this server with Arcserve for a while with no problems. We had to increase our backup size and so installed an exabyte VXA-2 Tape Drive.

This gave intermittent tape format errors E1014, in the Tape Log it gave E6076, E6092 and E6958 Communication Failure on SCSI Loop.

Re-installed the previous Tandberg SL6 and had no problems. So Blamed the Tape Unit and had the Suppliers replace the unit with a new device. This Tape Drive is a VXA-3. This does the same thing, so replaced all the Tapes, did several formats of the new tapes OK (both at high server activity and low). Had 6 succesful backups then failed on Friday night with the same error - DOH! The failure is pretty severe in that it locks the sever.

Any help really appreciated.