I am trying to update the proxy.cfg at a client for an NBM 3.9 SP1 server and comparing what they have with TID 3988333 and Craig's Proxy.cfg Rev 30 (2/29/08). I really appreciate Craig's taking the time to share his recommendations. I have some questions on some of the parameters and their settings in his proxy.cfg as follows. Any thoughts from anyone would be appreciated.

UseSimplifiedErrorPage - this is set to 0. It apparently deals with IE 5.x failing to display a proxy error correctly. Although there shouldn't be too many IE 5.x browsers out there, wouldn't you want to set this to 1 so it would return the separate error page of 1k or less?

DoNotResolveNamesBeforeGoingThruHierarchy - Craig's proxy.cfg doesn't list this. Is this only for situations where you have a number of NBM servers in a cache hierarchy?

EnableIncomplete302ResponseFix - The TID says to set this to '0' to resolve the issue (enable this fix). This seems to be opposite from the way all the other switches work. Is this a typo? Should this be set to '1' to Enable the Incomplete 302 Response Fix??? Any reason why not?

TreatLeftArrowAsHeaderBodySeparator - Craig's proxy.cfg doesn't list this. It looks like it prevents 'Page cannot be displayed' errors in some cases and should be set to 1, right?

noRetryIfPragmaNoCacheHeaderPresent - Craig's proxy.cfg doesn't list this. Wouldn't you want the Proxy to retry contacting the origin Web server after a 504 timeout normally? If so, this should be set to 0 to allow this, right. The client has it set to 1 which I think is wrong.

EnableHTTPSLogging - According to Craig this fixes a couple of abends but it is set to 0 in his proxy.cfg. I would think it should be set to 1 to enable it.

RedirectHTTPSRequest - Craig says this is for terminal services authentication and is commented out but the TID indicates it would 'Enable redirect through Javascript for redirecting HTTPS sites'. Is this for other situations than just terminal services? If so, shouldn't this be uncommented and set to 1?

SkipHttpReplyHeaderCaseChange - Craig's proxy.cfg doesn't list this. This has to do with PeopleSoft issues which the client has in his environment. Is there any down side to setting it to 1? BTW, the TID says that PeopleSoft apps are broken and they should change it but it looks like it is NBM that has the problem. The RFC (according to the TID) "defines the headers as being case sensitive", but the proxy is changing the case. What am I missing here?

SupportLargePostRequest - Does this only apply to GroupWise WebAccess that users post large files to? What other problems can be caused if this is set to 1?

Thanks for any responses,