Hi All,

I've read and heard that Backup Exec doesn't support OES2 w/ NSS. Wanting to actually see the problem for myself, I installed it in my test environment.

Here's the details:

SLES 10SP1 x64 +OES2 x64 (unpatched)
Backup Exec for Windows 10.1 rev 5621 (on Server 2003 SP0)

I copied a few hundred photos and a couple of ISOs onto the NSS volumes.

Then I backed up the NSS path /media/nss/V1/path. I then restored them to /media/nss/V1/<restored>/path.

I ran some md5 checks, and the restored files seem to be intact.

I understand the BE might have issues restoring file system permissions, and it might not backup eDir on SLES. Excluding these limitations, it seems to run fine for me.

Am I missing something here??