Hi all,

One of our clients is being forced to introduce a Windows Terminal server onto the private side of their network, to be accessed remotely by a handful of users, including the software house whose packages our client have purchased and now wish to implement. Currently the network consists of 2 NetWare 6.5.7 servers, one of which is BM 3.8.5 for internal users to have proxied access to the internet. It has no VPN setup, and it works just fine. Both boxes have public cards -GroupWise talks through one, and BM proxies talk through the other. An ADSL router provides internet access (non-NAT) and is the default route for both servers. Additionally each server has a route setup to the other's private IP address ..this was done for testing purposes, and remains in situ.

I have tried implementing the Novell-supplied RDP filter exception, but am unclear as to how it should be configured. I have tried port 3389 to port 3389 uniquely, and <all> to port 3389, setting the BM public card as the source, and 1) the BM private card as the destination, then 2) the private card of the Windows server as the destination -always using stateful TCP.

I'm not getting much luck here. Please someone (!) -How should it be done?