After a long hard struggle to install 10.0.3 on a 4 Windows server ZCM
system, we are finally running 10.0.3.

But there is a problem with the client, when I was logging in with the
10.0.2 client from a workstation, all was fine. Then, as expected, it
said that it needed to reboot for the 10.0.3 client.

Now, on all the following reboots, it just sits there for 3-5 minutes
when the ZCM client tries to log in.

If I go to "Show Properties" on the client, it constantly shows the
rolling bar at the bottom.

If I try to click "Policies" or any other link at the left, it just
sits there, doing nothing. Then after 3-4 minutes it displays the
page. The thing happens when i click on another link.

So whats up? Have anyone seen the same symptoms?

The network connection is fine, and all other programs/inet runs fine.
The client on the servers are quick and responsive, and on 10.0.3.
The servers have a perfekt network connection, and quck access to the
Ping times from the client to the servers are 1 ms and below.

Also no log files show any errors.

I'll try and do a WhireShark dump later...