we have recently installed ZENworks configuration management onto our domain. it works 100% on our LAN which is internally NAT'd and to our VLANs on the same domain

however we also have a large number of remote sites (NHS) which are not connected to the same network. we have opened up firewall ports 80 443 2544 5550 5950 between our ZCM servers and the remote sites and configured the DNS servers at the remote sites so the clients can resolve the server names. we have mapped the internal IP addresses of the servers to a public address on the firewall which the remote sites can talk to

the clients at the remote sites are able register with the servers and send back inventory information, we can also send basic policies and bundles to the clients at the remote sites. however if we try to send an MSI bundle to the remote sites we receive the error message "Could not download bundle content for [bundle name] because a ZENworks Server could not be located."

has anyone seen a problem like this before / have any suggestions