I finally was able to get my first new OES2 server into my tree, but somehow I screwed up where it went. It was supposed to go into the context of Merici under the OCSTREE, but somehow, I created OCSTREE/Merici under OCSTREE. SO I need to move my server and all the other stuff from OCSTREE\OCSTREE\MErici to OCSTREE\Merici.

The objects I have under OCSTREE\OCSTREE\MERICI are:
Server4 (server)
Server4-sambaProxy (user)
Server4admin (user)
Server4_SYS (volume)
SAS Service - Server4
DNS AG Server4\.owensborocatholic\.us - Server4.merici.ocstree
IP AG 192\.168\.10\.2 - Server4.merici.ocstree
SSL CertificateDNS - Server4.merici.ocstree
SSL CertificateIP - Server4.merici.ocstree
LDAP Server - Server4
LDAP Group - Server4
Http Server -Server4
SNMP group -Server4
UNIX Workstation - Server4

Can I simply drag these into the correct context of ocstree/merici from their present location of ocstree/ocstree/merici?? ANd after that, can I simply delete OCSTREE/MErici from OCSTREE?

THanks, David