New setup of Teaming 1.0.2 linux on SLES 10 sp1 upgraded to sp2 using
LDAP authentication.
I cannot send e-mail from the portal, I get the following error in the
catalina.out log:

2008-06-10 18:15:31.589 ERROR [http-8080-Processor24]
[com.sitescape.team.jobs.DefaultSendEmail] - Error sending mail:Could
not send mails: Invalid Addresses
(it repeats a couple times with [Sitescape_Worker-x] x=0,1,2)

I know the addresses are correct, and it doesn't matter if I select a
user to send to, or manually enter an address. It doesn't seem to
attempt to deliver to the mail server at all (no entries in the logs)

On my test sytem (1.0.1 and SLES10sp1) it works with the same
installer.xml settings for e-mail, and same ldap authentication with
the same users.