(This is with NBM 3.9 SP1.)

According to TID 3988333 you can use Proxy Console screen 63 to verify the current state of a proxy.cfg parameter. It looks like this will show you the state of ALL [Extra Configuration] parameters (as well as others) whether or not the parameter is explicitly specified in the proxy.cfg file in sys:\etc.

Therefore, if I don't see a parameter listed on this screen (actually it is spread over several screens) does this mean that the parameter doesn't exist in the code even though it is called out in various documentation? Or does this mean that this screen really doesn't show all the parameters but its effect is being felt by the proxy?

Specifically, I looked for ResetOriginServerConnAftrerClientReset which is called out in Craig's proxy.cfg and in the above TID but does not show up on Screen 63.

Or 'AllowSecond220Respond' which is called out in Craig's proxy.cfg but not listed in the above TID and doesn't show up on screen 63.

Another one that isn't listed on Screen 63 is 'IgnoreDuplicateChill'.

Is there another way to tell if these parameters are being used or not by proxy.nlm?