Hi I got a question and maybe a problem....

So we are using ZFD 7.1 ir3 on Netware 6.5 sp7 (clustered) XP
Workstations SP2 plus Hotfix's and latest Novell Client and ZFD Agent

We are about to deploy a new SOE to our students and are in the testing

We have created a ZEN workstation policy that delivers a user and
workstation combined group policy.

Now I want this policy to download and install as quickly as possible.

I have set the ZEN Policy to deliver at BOOT time. If after the build
completes, I SHUTDOWN... the workstation and then reboot this policy
applies no problems.

If However I just reboot at the end of the build phase the policy does
not apply and even if I perform a full shutdown at this point it fails
to then apply.

I can change the ZEN policy to run at LOGIN and all works fine.

My questions.... (Really this is to do with Performance for when 50 -100
students login at the same time, which we are unable to test in the lab
for another 3 weeks)

1) Can I deliver a USER ADM Policy at boot, to be applied when the user
logins in, or does ZEN need the policy to be run at Login. (i.e am I
seeing a bug, or is it working as designed?)

2) If I use Persist Workstation Settings will this improve the speed the
policy is applied?

Thanks for any help