I have rolled back my Proof of Concept system, and added a GW Domain and Post Office on my Exchange Server, prior to installing the GW Gateway for Exchange SP2 (I'm using the latest version from NTS).

I have the components installed - and can send emails between domains (exch_dom and gwnetware_dom). The gwexch.exe process starts OK.

However, I when the MSExchangeGWRtr process attempts to start, it fails with a 5107 event. "Error when logging on to NetWare Server. The system error code is 1312. A specified logon session does not exist. It may have already been terminated.

This message is preceded by event 5016 - Logging on NetWare server with remote location '\\LAB-WN-GW\E$' userid .GWAdmin.tnz.

I have pointed the GroupWise connector at the local domain, exch_dom, installed on Windows box \\LAB-WN-GW\E$\exch_dom\....

I guess it's trying to log in to the NetWare server (actually Windows) using eDir credentials. Any suggestions as to how I get round this one?

Thanks in advance

-- ____________________________________________ Phil Tuttiett, Palmerston North, New Zealand