I am testing/learning at the moment how to configure SAN drive space as a Netware volume. I have a NW6.5 SP7 server (not clustered and wont be in production). We have a SAN which has been configured correctly (as far as I know) with the zones and luns. I have been presented with a test space of 20GB. I have 1 fibre card (HP badged Emulex P1150) installed and the drivers installed correctly so NW sees the card. After typing SCAN ALL LUNS at the console I can see the devices (twice as there are 2 channels) as I would have expected. Therein lies the problem. How do I tell NW using NSSMu that this is a single device and can only be allocated once as free space. If I create a partition on the device I still see it twice and NSSMU allows me to create 2 pools and volumes etc using the same device which is obviously incorrect but NW doesnt stop me. So effectively I have one 20GB drive presented to me on which I am able to create 2 pools/volumes for example SAN and SAN1 using the same 20GB space. Is there a stage of setup I am missing or is there further configuration needed to see this space correctly ? Is there something on the SAN that needs to be set to do this ? (HP SAN EVA).

Any advice / help / guide much appreciated.