We are confronted that the Novell server (netware 6.5 sp6) has a very high
CPU utilization.

Wednesday, 6-11-2008 7:42 am
CPU Utilization-0 on server Server_NAME was in a SUSPECT State
Current Value - 91
Peak Value - 100
Max Value - 100
Current SUSPECT threshold = More than 85 % Utilization and Critical
threshold = More than 95 % Utilization
Current SUSPECT trigger delay = 60 and Critical trigger delay = 120

With NO specific reason (I can think of). When searching the health logfile,
this will happen random. Also in the morning when NOBODY is working. The
state will change into Good, but also BAD and after a minute again into
suspect state.
ArcServe (11.1 sp3) is running in the evening and the database prunning
process is in the afternoon, that could explain some cpu utilization (I
think). But CPU is also high when no other specific process is running. any
idea where to look (I know it is little bit unclear/vague)