SLES 10 / OES2 Zenworks 7 with ZDML7SP1_IR3a applied.

I'm having a problem with our X61 Tablet PC's. With the newest IR3A applied it will boot from the TFTP server OK (Suse screen, etc) but it goes nowhere when it's DHCP'ing ETH0 (CTRL ESC showing the messages while the linux kernel is booting). I pulled the tftp boot files from one of my Netware 6.5 OES IR1 Hotpatch 2 server and tried it but it did the same thing. The Boot ISO from the OES IR1 hotpatch cd did work though which is odd. I thought they were the same? I can boot the newest machines with no problems (Dell Optiplex GX755's, etc). I guess I'm looking into a driver prob. Any suggestions?