We share a Unix folder to one of our Netware servers as a volume using the NFS Gateway product. I did not set up the gateway product so I'm not totally familiar with the configuration. Lately users were having trouble connecting to the volume and we've been required to perform various corrective actions to make the volume accessible again. So we decided to export the folder to one of our OES servers, mount it and share it using NCP. That all seemed to work OK; however, now when users update files and save them, the permissions at the Unix server are not maintained. Example: a file, on the Unix server, with the permissions rw- r-- r-- is modified by a user accessing the file through the NCP share. When it's saved it sets the permissions as rw- --- --- at the Unix server. This does not happen when saved through the NFS Gateway share. I know we are missing something in the configuration but I don't know what. Also, if the file is modified on the Linux server where the NFS mount resides, the permissions remain at 644 on the Unix server. I believe in the gateway product there is a "umask" option which is set to "022" that I believe preserves the permissions but I see no such option when shared through NCP. Any ideas? TIA Denis L.