Scratching my head and hopefully somebody can point me in the right

HP DL360 G3 with NW 6.5 SP6 that when set to "Auto" (the port on the switch
is also set to auto) says it's connecting at 1000 MB, full duplex but when
we test it that isn't the case.

We've tried setting up the second NIC to make sure it wasn't a hardware
issue and that didn't make a difference. We thought maybe the cable or the
port on the switch might be the culprit but we tested it with a known combo
of cable and port and it still didn't work as advertised. I've updated the
NIC (Q57) driver to the latest and greatest with no improvement. I've
deleted the NIC configuration completely and recreated it and that didn't
help. I've also compared NETINFO.CFG files with other servers who run at 1
GB and they are identical.

We have several DL360 G3 servers that have no issues running at 1 GB so I'm
at a loss as to why this one won't. With that in mind, there are a few
"flags" to keep in mind. This server was a migration from 4.11 -> 6 -> 6.5
whereas the other ones were fresh installs of 6.5. There is also a fiber
channel card in this box while none of the other boxes have one...whether
that matters or not, I don't know.

We are going to get another NIC to test with shortly but I would still LOVE
to know why it isn't working as is right now. Anybody have any thoughts on
where we're going wrong?