TID 3988333 says:

SkipHttpReplyHeaderCaseChange=1 (0 to disable)(Default=1)
//Peoplesoft back end sends back custom HTTP headers that have names in upper case. When proxy sends these headers back to the client, then are send back in lower case, with the exception of the first char which is in upper case. This is how Proxy behaves. The end result is that the application is broken as it is case sensitive and does not recognize these headers. The rfc defines the headers as being case sensitive so theoretically Peoplesoft should change their apps. However, a proxy.cfg option has been created to allow the propagation of the headers through BorderManager to be case sensitive.

If the RFC says that headers should be case sensitive, and BorderManager is changing the case, then isn't it BorderManager that is not following the RFC; not PeopleSoft?

Or is there a typo above and it should read: "The rfc defines the headers as being case insensitive..."I

I'm just trying to understand what the correct setting should be if I want NBM to work with PeopleSoft.