I must be missing something. I've not had problems with an update before.

I'm trying to image new HP dc5800 machines with the Intel 82566DM NIC.
I downloaded the IR3a imaging resources file to get the bootcd.iso for
testing. Booting with the IR3a ISO, I can image the workstations.

I've downloaded the full IR3a release to update the server. No errors
during installation, but the server files are not updating. After IR3a
installation, booting to PXE gives me the "Could not find Zenworks
installation source".

I copied INITRD, LINUX, and ROOT files from {install source}\zen preboot
services\tftp\data\boot to sys:\tftp\boot

After this step, I can load the Linux kernel and can boot to the bash
prompt if I choose the maintenance option (ctrl-alt) booting with PXE.
I can then image the workstations. However, if I boot to PXE (without
ctrl-alt menu), the workstation reports "No work to do". This should
indicate a problem with the server policy.

If I boot with the CD created from the IR3a imaging resorce zip file,
the workstation will automatically image based on my defined
server-based imaging policy.

For now, I will manually boot with the CD, but I can not find what I am

Recap: boot CD - server-based imaging policy works as expected
boot PXE- no work to do, but can image from #bash prompt

Server NW 6.5 SP7
Installed the IR3a full patch on ZFD 7 SP1